You can throw an old blanket over a cold llama, but I feel better when they're wearing something that sort of fits and has a good chance of staying on and not getting tangled. I made four adult-size coats, and several cria coats. We rarely use them, but when an old lady is chilly, or somebody's sick, they're one of the most useful tools we have.

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Rreal Madrid, an old guy with his body sheared, gets chilly in the winter. He comes running to get his coat put on.

Yes, it's hard to look studly in a pink coat. Why do you ask?

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The floor tile are 8" square. The exact position of a line isn't important. Pay more attention to fitting the llama than to following the pattern.
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Remember, the squares are 8" on a side. Tape newspaper pages together and use a felt pen to draw on the grid and the pattern, or do the same on an old sheet.