Llamas Looking For New Homes

Good ol' llamas, llamas that have been in 4-H, that have been in parades, worn costumes, hung around with kids, llamas that have been sheared for years and had their toenails cut and entertained us just by being here when we looked out the window. Llamas who deserve a good retirement.

Pasture ornaments, or someone to share a hike with... these two are up for it.

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born 2006

Tweed is a guardy gelding with a lot of quality rosegray fibre. Pasture ornament, pet, guard or wool provider - your choice, or pick all four!


born 2005

Whisper is the mother of our beautiful suris Codetalker and Obsidian. If that's not enough, she has superb soft fiber and a nifty little milk moustache.

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These llamas are looking for a home. Contact us for more information at